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One of our newest physical therapy locations is in West Side, Scranton, PA. Now Lackawanna County residents don’t have to travel far to visit the area’s most trusted physical therapist, Frank Cawley.

Our customers are the reason we do anything, and our commitment to customer service is why we were able to grow our business and open this new Scranton physical therapy location. Using state-of-the-art technology and the best techniques for physical rehabilitation, we can improve our quality of life and get you feeling healthy and normal again.

We understand that injuries and chronic pain can leave you feeling sidelined and unable to enjoy many activities you used to in life. Let the friendly and experienced staff at Cawley PT help you.

Why Choose Cawley Physical Therapy in Scranton?

At Cawley Physical Therapy, we take a patient-first approach to treatment. We thrive off of helping individuals in their rehabilitation needs, which is why we specialize in individualized treatment plans. 

We know that treating workplace injuries is not the same as treating someone after surgery or caring for a child’s sports injury. Our individualized rehab programs at our Scranton physical therapy office allow you to take control of your life.

Our goals are straightforward. Our expert staff and physical therapists want to help you live a better life. Whether it’s improving your ability to move, assisting in pain management, restoring bodily functions, or helping to prevent future injuries, we can help. 

When you visit Cawley Physical Therapy in Scranton, PA, you will find family-friendly, one-on-one support for children and adults of all ages. When you’re here, you are a part of our Cawley family, and we will work to get you back to living an active, healthy lifestyle quickly and safely. 

At Cawley Physical Therapy, we have some of the best physical therapists and facilities within NEPA. No matter your injury, we can help!

Physical Therapy Services in Scranton

Our physical therapists in Scranton can treat various physical conditions and injuries, including soft tissue damage, hip pain, back pain, and work injuries. 

You can find all of the services we offer at our Scranton PT location listed below.

Services Offered

Physical therapy exercises

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Are you suffering from one of these conditions or any sort of chronic or extreme pain? Don’t wait until it gets worse! Find physical therapy in Scranton, PA, today. 

For the very best treatment in NEPA, call us at 570-207-2787. No prescription or referral is required for our Scranton physical therapy location. Book your appointment today!

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