As many people know, the older we get, the more problems we might run into when it comes to our health. Developing health problems over the years is to be expected and might seem unavoidable. When this happens, a person’s quality of life can drastically start to decrease. No one wants to spend all their time in pain or struggling to do the things they enjoy. Fortunately, there are services available that can help make getting older easier. 

Seniors can get the help they need to stay active and healthy at Cawley Physical Therapy. With our geriatric physical therapy in NEPA, we can help support meant just for seniors as they age.  

Why is Physical Therapy Important for Seniors?

Physical therapy can provide many amazing benefits for seniors. A senior’s physical therapy treatment plan is tailored just to them and what they need. This can be used to help with general age-related concerns, or something more specific, like neurological rehabilitation

Here are a few reasons why seniors should consider getting physical therapy. 

Prevent Falls

Falling is a serious risk for many seniors. As we get older, we can become weaker and less stable, which increases the risk of falling over. Geriatric physical therapy can give seniors the skills they need to help prevent themselves from falling. During physical therapy, seniors will learn exercises that help them keep their strength up to prevent falls from happening. Different methods, like aquatic physical therapy, give seniors safe ways to stay active. 

Avoid Medications

Many people avoid taking medication unless it’s absolutely necessary. Seniors often end up with many different prescriptions to help with medical conditions and provide pain relief. With conditions like arthritis that are so common among the elderly, many might think they have no choice but to take medications to keep them comfortable. Physical therapy can provide pain relief caused by many age-related problems to help seniors rely less on medications. 

Increase Their Independence

Many seniors struggle with having to give up their independence as they get older. Poor health can make it difficult to make it through the day and do even basic tasks. Not only may it be harder for seniors to do things alone, but it may also become a safety risk. Physical therapy makes it easier for seniors to get by on their own. With exercises and stretches, seniors can increase their strength, mobility, and stability, making it easier to do things. By reducing the risk of falling or injuries, seniors have a better chance of keeping themselves safe. 

Dependable Geriatric Physical Therapy in NEPA

We all need to take care of our bodies, seniors in particular. Knowing exactly what to do for our bodies can be a challenge, especially as we face changes the older we get. To take care of ourselves the best we can, we often end up needing the help of a professional. At Cawley Physical Therapy, seniors have a team that knows what’s best for them and will ensure they’re getting the most effective treatment. 

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