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Post-Operative Physical Therapy

Everyone expects some recovery time following surgery. Depending on how invasive the procedure was, you might be facing several months of soreness, weakness, and the inability to do all the things you once did. Those activities could include even walking, standing, or sitting.

Those kinds of handicaps after surgery are no surprise. One form of recovery that can help you to get stronger faster is post-operative physical therapy. The kinds of exercises a physical therapist would have you complete can strengthen your muscles and joints and allow you to regain your flexibility and mobility faster than if you did no exercises at all.

Cawley Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation offers post-operative rehabilitation in NEPA for patients who want to recover from surgery the right way. Whether you are getting over surgery for your auto injuries or any other invasive procedure, our techniques let you get strong and stay supple while your body heals itself.

How Post-Surgical Physical Therapy Helps

How Post-Surgical Physical Therapy Helps

Physical Therapy Heals the Body

Your main goal after surgery is to heal the area of the operation and re-strengthening the surrounding muscles. Our post-surgical rehabilitation helps you do that by getting you to move. Stretches and other such activities give you greater muscular control over the weakened areas of your body. Additionally, your physical therapist can address lingering pain in those regions by using electrical stimulation, heat, or ice.

Physical Therapy Helps with Balance

We know post-operative physical therapy helps with strength and healing, but did you also know physical therapy can help you regain your balance? If you have had any major surgery on your hips, knees, or another part of your leg, even the simple act of standing could present problems for you. You might struggle to stand straight up without losing your balance. Physical therapy helps with this by essentially teaching you to walk again. Let’s say you are recovering from surgery for sports injuries . You’ll relearn how to be flexible in your muscles so you can ultimately walk, run, or ride a bike the way you once did. That’s the power of post-surgical rehabilitation.

Physical Therapy Helps Avoid Medications

It’s a known fact that recovering from surgery can involve a great deal of pain and discomfort. You will likely not feel like moving during this time. However, it is important to remember that engaging in post-surgical physical therapy can manage that pain and help you to avoid medications. Many people report not liking having to take medications because of the expense or because they dislike ingesting opioids. Physical therapy can help you to heal faster and reduce the amount of scar tissue that forms around your incisions.

Trust Cawley’s Post-Operative Rehabilitation in NEPA

Certain kinds of neck and back injuries may have necessitated surgery for you recently. Afterward, you might have a lot of pain and stiffness. Whatever your situation, Cawley Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation’s post-operative rehabilitation in NEPA can help you to reduce and ultimately eliminate this pain. Physical activity, in general, lets the body heal faster and can give you back your mobility and flexibility.

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