Diabetes is an extremely common disease and affects millions of Americans. Fortunately, many symptoms of diabetes are manageable today, and there’s a lot that people with diabetes can do to maintain healthy and comfortable lives. In addition to life-saving medication, physical therapy can help manage some of the symptoms of diabetes. One serious complication that people with diabetes face is diabetic neuropathy, which affects the nerves and can be extremely painful. 

Physical therapy can help anyone stay active safely, but it can also provide specific benefits for those experiencing neurological issues brought on by diabetes. At Cawley Physical Therapy, we offer diabetes physical therapy in NEPA to help people with diabetes suffering from the neurological effects of diabetes.

How Does Physical Therapy Help People with Diabetes?

Physical therapy for diabetes can have several different benefits that can provide relief for people with diabetes. In general, physical therapy can help most people with diabetes and various other health conditions. However, if you have diabetic neuropathy, there are a few specific reasons you should receive physical therapy for neuropathy

Here are a few reasons why people with diabetes with neuropathy should get physical therapy. 

Improve Balance and Coordination 

Diabetic neuropathy can increase your risk of falling or tripping. This condition can cause dizziness, and even standing up after sitting down can leave people feeling extremely dizzy. For those concerned with balance and falling, physical therapy is a common treatment route that can help keep people at risk of falling safe. People with diabetes with neurological problems may also have a hard time with coordination, making everyday tasks difficult, and increasing their risk of falling. Physical therapy can help improve a person’s coordination to make doing things easier.

Bring Back Lost Sensation

The neurological effects of diabetes often cause a loss of sensation in the skin, particularly in the feet. Diabetes may experience numbness or feel tingling, like pins and needles. By doing physical therapy exercises for diabetes, a physical therapist can help stop the tingling feeling or bring back lost sensation. These exercises can also help other symptoms of diabetes. 

Provide Pain Relief

One major reason that most people come to physical therapy is for the pain relief it can provide. The neurological effects of diabetes can be incredibly uncomfortable, and for many with these issues, it can cause severe pain. Some pain medications may help, but many people are wary of taking medications too frequently. Physical therapy is a great way of relieving pain without needing to take medication. 

Effective Physical Therapy for Diabetes in NEPA

Staying active is extremely important for anyone’s health, but many medical conditions, like diabetes, can make this difficult or unsafe to do on your own. With the help of a physical therapist, people with diabetes can learn how to do the exercises to help bring some relief from their symptoms and keep them more comfortable and healthy. At Cawley Physical Therapy, our team works closely with patients to help create personalized treatment plans that consider each person’s concerns and abilities. 

If you want to learn more about diabetes physical therapy in NEPA or schedule an appointment, contact Cawley Physical Therapy today.