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Work Injury Rehab

Work injuries can be especially troublesome for people when all they want to do is return to work and get back to normal. However, as we know at Cawley Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, trying to get right back to work before an injury has fully healed will likely make things worse. If you want to maximize your potential for continuing to be productive in the future, then we strongly recommend seeking work injury physical therapy as soon as possible after getting hurt.

That last point is important. The sooner you receive help for your injury, the better off you will be. Cawley Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation provides work injury rehabilitation in NEPA for hundreds of patients every year. We can tell you that physical therapy and work conditioning are among the most effective methods of getting healthy and back to work.

3 Benefits of Work Injury Rehabilitation at Cawley PT

3 Benefits of Work Injury Rehabilitation at Cawley PT

Restores Flexibility

Immediately after suffering a work injury, your doctor may recommend some time to rest before you start any physical therapy. During that time, while you aren’t using the affected area of your body, the muscles there can get stiff. This will make it more difficult to use the muscle again when you need it. Cawley’s work injury physical therapy encourages you to exercise these muscles in ways that will gradually reduce pain and increase your mobility once again.

May Help Avoid Surgery

At its core, our work injury rehabilitation in NEPA is a form of ongoing pain management. By participating in the exercises and other physical activities to the best of your abilities, you may be avoiding the need to have surgery or take prescription medications for your pain. It’s entirely possible that, if you wait to have physical therapy, or never have it at all, surgery may be required to relieve pain and discomfort associated with your injury. While helping you to exercise, we can also teach you how to move your body correctly in the future as a form of injury prevention.

May Be Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Another aspect of physical therapy following an injury at work is that your employer’s workers’ compensation plan might pay for your ongoing treatment with us. This will vary by employer, of course, but one indisputable fact is that physical therapy could be the very thing you need to recover fully and get back to work. If you get hurt on the job, ask your employer about physical therapy for workers’ compensation. We will be happy to work with you whenever you need us.

Cawley Provides Work Injury Rehabilitation in NEPA

No matter what kind of work injury you have suffered, you likely want to get right back up and start your life again. However, take our word that work injury rehabilitation in NEPA is the intermediate step you may need to ensure your total recovery. And don’t forget about all the long-term benefits of physical therapy! We will design a treatment plan just for you so you can get back to doing all the things you love, permanently.

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