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Aches and pains happen to all of us. While we all know this is just a part of life and often can’t be avoided, it’s still extremely difficult to go through. You might try to wait for pain or an injury to go away on its own, but this isn’t always the case and could end up causing you even more pain. Whether your pain is minor or severe, getting the right help for it is important. For many aches, pains, injuries, and health conditions, physical therapy can help make a big difference.
When you’re in pain and need help, come to Cawley Physical Therapy. We offer physical therapy in Meshoppen, PA, to help you get relief from pain and recover from an injury.
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Senior man having trouble sleeping because of shoulder pain due to a torn rotator cuff.

When Should You Get Physical Therapy?

If you’ve never seen a physical therapist before, you might be wondering when is the right time. There is no one right time to go to physical therapy, as it can help patients with a wide range of complaints. Physical therapists use various treatment methods, which helps them serve many different types of patients.
Here are a few examples of times when you might need physical therapy.

After an Accident

Even a minor car accident can result in painful injuries. A physical therapist can help you get relief from pain and injuries caused by an accident. Of course, car accidents aren’t the only type of accident. You might get seriously injured from a fall or in a work accident. Injuries from accidents like these can all benefit from physical therapy. 

If You’re an Athlete

Physical therapy can be a huge asset to athletes of all levels. Since athletes are physically active regularly, they’re prone to suffering from sports injuries, which physical therapists commonly treat. A physical therapist can also provide help beyond treating a specific injury to help athletes perform at their best. Physical therapists can teach their patients how to stay active safely and what to do to protect their health.

When You’re Experiencing Age-Related Issues

Aging can make it difficult to do things that used to come easily to you and cause you to experience pain more often. As you get older, you might have a harder time moving around and staying active, and it could become a safety hazard. Physical therapy can help seniors as they age and experience age-related issues to help keep them safe and active. 

After Surgery

For certain problems, surgery is unavoidable. Recovering from surgery is often difficult and could cause you to be in pain for a while after. Many people rely on post-operative physical therapy to help them recover after their surgery. This can help relieve some of your pain and improve your mobility while you recover. 

Contact an Experienced Physical Therapy Team

Pain can make your life much harder than it needs to be, especially when help is available. At Cawley Physical Therapy, you can work with a dedicated physical therapy team that will develop a treatment plan meant just for you. We know how hard it can be to find the right help, but with our physical therapy in Meshoppen, you have what you need to get relief from pain.
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