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There’s good news for Valley residents who are in need of physical therapy.
Cawley Physical Therapy is proud to have an office in Carbondale to serve
the entire upvalley area. We’re committed to helping you live a healthy,
comfortable life, free of pain. Physical therapist Frank Cawley and his entire
team can treat a wide variety of conditions.

Cawley Physical Therapy in Carbondale
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Our doctors of physical therapy in NEPA are ready to get you up and moving like you used to. With seven convenient locations, your road to recovery starts today!

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We never take a “one size fits all” approach. We know the top 3 causes of low back pain, and we understand how to treat each one, since they each require something different. We know that treating your workplace-related injury is not the same as treating someone after surgery, or caring for a young person’s sports injury. Our individualized rehab programs allow you to take control of your life.
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