Car accidents cause a great deal of destruction in a matter of seconds. When you are least expecting it, another motorist can slam into your vehicle and injure you, sometimes badly. After you have sought emergency medical attention, you might be left with lingering injuries that cause you great pain and discomfort in your daily life. While the accident itself is now far behind you, your physical struggle might remain.

This is where Cawley Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation can help. We have been here to answer the calls of thousands of people who need auto injury rehabilitation in NEPA. If you have suffered broken bones, sore muscles, nerve pain, or any other kind of injury resulting from an auto accident, trust in Cawley to do our best to get you back to normal as safely as possible.

How Car Accident Physical Therapy Can Help

If you have never had car accident physical therapy before, allow us to explain how this kind of treatment can benefit you like nothing else can.

Physical Therapy Supports Full Recovery

Any physical therapist at Cawley Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation will say that car accident victims are better off the sooner they start getting physical therapy after an injury. That’s because we cannot always know the extent of certain injuries until after the initial pain has subsided. You may find that your neck and back injuries are actually worse than you thought, and you now struggle to execute daily activities such as walking or sitting.

Our auto accident injury treatment can begin retraining your muscles to be strong and flexible right after your accident. That way, you can return to normal, or close to it, before anything gets worse.

Physical Therapy Is Good for the Whole Body

One general task that Cawley’s auto injury rehabilitation in NEPA will have you complete is being physically active. We understand that the weeks and months following a car accident might seem like the worst time to get active, but they are actually the best time. That’s because being active benefits your entire body by moving your oxygenated blood everywhere. That oxygen helps to heal injured areas of your body. If you have recently suffered a concussion in an accident, our concussion management program is just the treatment that can help. By completing the auto accident injury treatment exercises that we recommend, you will be well on your way to feeling better after your accident.

Physical Therapy Is Customized for You

Perhaps the greatest benefit of car accident physical therapy with Cawley is that we customize it for you and your situation. Each patient is different and so can handle different levels of activity and exercise. We base our physical therapy plans on your condition so that it works fully for your best interests.

Trust Cawley’s Auto Injury Rehabilitation Services in NEPA

There’s no doubt that car accidents can wreak tremendous havoc on our lives, and for months or years afterward. But that does not have to be the end of the story. With Cawley Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, you can access some of the best auto injury rehabilitation in NEPA. Whether it’s practicing ankle stability or another treatment, we will find the solution that works for you.

Call us today to set up an appointment and get on your way to feeling like yourself again.