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When we’re sick or recovering from an injury or surgery, we tend not to be able to move so well. Whether it’s a major surgery that has us in bed for a few weeks or a grievous sports injury that takes several months to heal, not having full mobility can be tough and discouraging.

But there is a solution to many of these problems that doesn’t involve medications or shots. In some cases, this solution can even help you to avoid surgery altogether.
We’re talking about physical therapy, that branch of healthcare that uses stretches and repeated movements to help your body recover from pain and become more mobile.
Cawley Physical Therapy is happy to offer physical therapy in Old Forge, PA, for those who want to reclaim control of their bodies.
You can learn more below about the ways physical therapy can heal your body. Or call us today to schedule an appointment for yourself. We are here to help you.
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How Physical Therapy in Old Forge, PA, Benefits Your Body

Physical therapy is focused on reducing or eliminating pain, discomfort, and swelling in your body to let you regain mobility and functionality. We can help you to accomplish this in many ways. What success looks like for you depends on the problems you’re having.
Here are three primary ways that physical therapy can benefit your body.

Manage Pain

We can refer to many things when we talk about pain. People can have pain from surgery incisions, sports injuries, nerve damage, and so much more. Some people even have to live with chronic pain and are prescribed long-term medication for it. But physical therapy can help to manage all this pain! We use stretches, repeated movements, taping, electrical stimulation, and other methods to mobilize your soft tissues and joints and reduce or eliminate your inflammation and pain. The strength you gain from these exercises can also prevent injury and pain in the future.

Restore Mobility

Being free of pain is great, but what would also improve your quality of life is being able to move as you like. If weak muscles or joints are keeping you from achieving full mobility, physical therapy can help. We can design an exercise plan for you that involves a cane, crutches, or a walker so you can have some support as you strengthen yourself. We’ll help you practice the movements you need to get back to normal living and become independent again.

Improve Balance

Just as physical therapy uses repetitive exercises to reduce your pain and restore your mobility, it can also improve your balance and prevent you from falling. If our physical therapists determine that you are at a high risk of falling, we’ll design a plan that strengthens the muscles you’ll use to keep your balance in real life. The exercises we give you will improve your coordination, make your muscles stronger, and reduce the dizziness that could otherwise lead to you falling.

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At Cawley Physical Therapy, we take great satisfaction from putting the rights and health of our patients before anything else. When you come to see us, we immediately start assessing your condition to determine what you need. We then devise a plan for getting you there, taking into account all your strengths and weaknesses. Whether it’s taping, stretches, or another solution you need, we’ll find it.

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