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Sign up today and attend one of Frank Cawley’s workshops, hosted all over the NEPA today. Frank’s workshops are free and full of useful information to help you fix your painful symptoms once and for all! Covering everything from foot & ankle pain to your latest work injury, Frank will give you tips and treatments on how to eliminate your pain immediately!

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Free Workshop Topics Covered by Frank Cawley Include:


Rotator Cuff &

Pain &

Balance &

Foot &


Headache, Neck &
Jaw Pain

Who We Are

• 17 years of service
• 5 local locations
• Over 100 years of combined experience from our staff
• Offer specialty PT services – “cupping”, aqua therapy, Class 4 deep tissue Laser treatments and anodyne/microvas (diabetic neuropathy treatment)
• We are a “hands-on” clinic focused in manual therapy
• Every plan of care is unique to the individual
• We have hosted 100’s of free in-house workshops throughout the year
• We currently offer 7 workshops per month at our clinics
• We have been regionally awarded for being the Best PT offices in the area
• Also specializing in back pain, foot/ankle issues, dizziness/balance, shoulder dysfunctions, headache/neck/jaw pain, and neuropathy

What is a Workshop & Who Can Host

Cawley PT’s Workshops are free, interactive 30-45 minute session hosted by our owner, Frank Cawley or other Doctors of Physical Therapy.

The great thing about our workshops is they allow us to bring the clinical teachings out of our office and into the community. We have hosted workshops for large and small corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, senior homes, YMCA’s, Rotary groups and private health/wellness businesses.

What Our Workshops Include

With our workshops, we can cater the workshop to the community or employee needs/interests to make it as interesting and helpful as possible! Each participant will receive a free info packet along with the opportunity to learn more about healthy ways to reduce pain and live a healthier life. We love getting questions from our workshop groups! That is why we will open up the floor for some Q & A. In addition, we are also available after each workshop to talk with anyone on their specific issues

Anyone attending the workshop will receive a free discovery visit card, which entitles them to a full 30 minute 1:1 session with one of our doctors of physical therapy to find out the exact cause of your aches/pains. Don’t miss out!

WHERE?  – We can host ANYWHERE!  We can meet anywhere that is needed – Libraries, Corporate offices, recreation centers, senior centers. Basically any space open enough to accommodate your group will do!

WHEN? – You tell us when!  We will do our best to arrange a day and time that is the most advantageous for your group to attend.   We have found that afternoon times that can be geared toward the “lunch and learn” concept work very well!

WHY? – By hosting a workshop you are letting your community, clients and employees know that you are invested in their health and wellness. You want to see them be able to enjoy coming to work, perform tasks and to be able to partake in activities they enjoy – All being pain free!

Here at Cawley, we too want to help your community, clients or employees to learn more about how their body works and ways they can naturally treat pain issues. We pride ourselves on having a locally owned business that treats everyone like family!

Words from people we’ve helped:

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