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Physical Therapy for Headaches

Physical therapy has its uses plenty of them. Ask a physical therapist what kinds of bodily conditions physical therapy can improve, and you will probably get a much longer list than you expected.

Maybe you never knew that you could receive headache physical therapy in NEPA from a practice such as Cawley Physical Therapy. You might ask, “How can moving my body during physical therapy assist with a pain in my head?”

We’re glad you asked. Let’s learn more about this together, about how physical therapy can help with migraines, tension, TMJ pain, and other painful conditions of the head and neck.


Migraines are those splitting headaches that come and go with various levels of intensity. They can also make people especially sensitive to lights and sounds. Overall, migraines are fairly unpleasant for all who experience them.

Physical therapy can help to alleviate migraines, but it depends on the circumstances. Migraines arise in the central nervous system, but it’s worth involving physical therapy in treatment if the migraines affect the muscles and joints, as well.

In those cases, migraine physical therapy can instruct patients on using ice and relaxation and massage tactics to reduce the pain. Furthermore, the stretches involved with physical therapy may reduce the tension and pain in the neck that are sometimes associated with migraines.


Cawley’s headache physical therapy in NEPA can help with pain in the TMJ or temporomandibular joint. This is the section of your body that connects your jawbone to your skull. Injuries to this area can cause pain and discomfort in the TMJ.

How can our TMJ physical therapy help ? We will show you how to stretch your jaw muscles and complete other activities involving opening and closing your mouth and moving your tongue.

Ideally, when you complete our regimen, you will be able to move your jaw more fully, chew normally, and relax the jaw as you once could.

Neck Pain

We mentioned neck pain in the previous two sections, but let’s focus on that more here.

Neck conditions take many forms, from muscle spasms to nerve pain. Whatever the case, if you are experiencing neck discomfort of any type, know that physical therapy for neck pain is available.

Our physical therapists will examine your condition and come up with a treatment plan for you. That may involve the use of shoulder and head rolls, wall pushups, or seated neck stretches.

Your physical therapist will recommend which exercises are best for your condition. Be careful not to take matters into your own hands; you don’t want to make matters worse.

Call Cawley for Expert Headache Physical Therapy

Every aspect of your health is worth getting treated when needed. But when it comes to migraines and other types of headache pain, you don’t want to put off seeing a professional. Chronic headaches can be debilitating and prevent you from enjoying the quality of life you deserve.

Contact us at Cawley Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment and start getting headache physical therapy in NEPA. It could be well worth it in the end.