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At some point, most people will experience pain or injury. People of any age can suffer from chronic pain caused by a work injury, car accident, sports injury, or something unexplained. No matter the cause, chronic pain can be life-altering for some. Living with pain can make you give up all the activities you once enjoyed. In severe cases, you might be able to do daily tasks on your own, which can lead to many people feeling dependent. This is no way to live. 

When pain starts, you might not know who to turn to for help. If you’re experiencing pain in Clarks Summit, let the expert staff at Cawley Physical Therapy help you get back to normal. With over a decade of dedicated service, our team has successfully aided thousands of patients in alleviating their pain and reclaiming their lives. And the best part? Our Scranton location is a short drive away at 1150 S Main Ave, Scranton.

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Physical Therapy Services in Clarks Summit, PA

At Cawley Physical Therapy, we recognize that no two patients are the same and that each individual’s journey to recovery is different. With a deep understanding of your unique health profile and needs, we are committed to providing care that is as distinctive as you are.

Our approach is simple but effective: we listen, understand, and then design a recovery plan that aligns with your specific health goals and lifestyle. This personalized strategy addresses your immediate discomfort and works proactively to mitigate further pain and potential health complications in the future.

Getting the proper treatment is important, and ease of access to our services is a priority for us. We take on new patients without a referral from their primary physician and can accept most major companies to help make this even easier for you. Do not live your life in pain; reach out to our team today for effective physical therapy in the Clarks Summit area. 

We currently offer the following physical therapy services (and more) to patients living in Clarks Summit and Lackawanna County.

Services Offered

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What works well for some patients might not work for everyone with similar problems. If you’ve tried to get help for your pain with no results, it can be frustrating. At Cawley Physical Therapy, we work to create an individualized treatment plan meant specifically for you. This unique plan ensures that you’ll have all the resources you need to start feeling better.

We understand what a challenge it can be to find a new physical therapist. But don’t worry–we make it easy to get help from one of our well-qualified physical therapists. Unlike many physical therapy offices, we don’t require a referral from a doctor to take on new patients. We’re also able to take insurance from most major carriers.

Don’t let pain take anything away from you for any longer. To learn more about how Cawley physical therapy can help, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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