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Almost everyone will suffer from a painful injury at some point. Injuries from sports, aging, work, or an accident are common parts of life that are hard to avoid. Many health conditions can also lead to chronic pain that makes daily life and activities difficult. No matter your pain source, you deserve to get treatment that makes a difference and aids in your recovery. For many people, the treatment that helps reduce pain and gets them back to their everyday lives is physical therapy.
Whatever type of pain you might be struggling with, physical therapy in Tunkhannock can make a big difference. At Cawley Physical Therapy, you can receive outstanding care from our physical therapy team and start working towards a pain-free life.
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What are the Benefits of Physical Therapy?

When you’re in pain and need professional help to get relief, you might have looked into a few different options. If you’ve never had physical therapy before, you’re probably wondering why you should try it for your injury or chronic pain.
Here are a few of the top benefits that physical therapy has to offer.

It Provides Pain Relief

Of course, pain is what brings most people to a physical therapist, so it’s no surprise that it provides effective pain relief for various injuries and medical conditions. Physical therapists utilize many different techniques to help injuries and medical conditions, including exercises, stretches, soft tissue mobilization, and icing or heating injuries. This allows patients to feel much more comfortable as they heal safely. 

It Prevents Future Injuries

After something like a sports injury, many people worry about getting reinjured after recovering. The injured area is often much weaker after it has healed, as you haven’t been able to use it like you normally would, which can make another injury more likely. Physical therapy helps you build muscle and improve mobility in the injured area, which can keep you safe as you heal. Some might also learn methods of preventing more injuries from occurring, such as senior citizens who can benefit from learning to prevent falls.

It Doesn’t Require Medication

Maybe you have to rely on over-the-counter pain medications frequently or have needed prescription medications to handle the pain. While there are times when you might need medications to manage your symptoms, many people prefer to go without them if they’re able to. Physical therapy is an excellent option for those who don’t want to depend on medication when there are other suitable alternatives.

See if Physical Therapy Can Help

Even minor pains can make daily life difficult. This is a common struggle for people of all ages and lifestyles and is bound to happen to most of us. When injuries or medical conditions do happen, you want to know what help and resources are available. Physical therapy is a great addition to many people’s lives and can help them manage and reduce their symptoms to live healthier, happier lives.
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