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Physical Therapy for Neuropathy

Diabetes. Cancer. Viral infection. Multiple sclerosis. Vascular abnormality. These are just some of the many potential causes of neuropathic pain. In the US, 1 in 3 people experience chronic pain. Of that number, 1 in 5 is the direct result of neuropathic nerve damage.

Meanwhile, there are just as many neuropathy treatments as there are causes, including pharmaceutical and surgical options. Not everyone needs to take such drastic action, however. At Cawley Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, we know that physical therapy for neuropathy offers a proven, effective, natural, and noninvasive treatment with numerous benefits.

Cawley PT is home to the best neuropathic physical therapy in NEPA, from peripheral neuropathy rehabilitation exercises and nerve flossing to lifestyle counseling and assistive equipment. We have all the tools necessary to help you regain control of your life and combat neuropathy symptoms.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Neuropathic Pain

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Neuropathic Pain

Pain Reduction

For those who suffer from any of the various forms of neuropathy, the worst part is often the pain. This pain is caused by either pressure on the nerves or damage done to them. This pain can manifest in several ways, including sensations of burning or cold, numbness, “pins and needles,” stabbing, or even something reminiscent of electric shock.

Fortunately, physical therapy for neuropathy can help ease these symptoms. A process called nerve flossing has proven helpful in restoring the sensory and motor function signals of previously impinged nerve pathways. Exercises that develop the muscles can help relieve pressure from nerves while also improving blood circulation, strengthening the nerve tissues themselves, and reducing pain.

Mobility Training

Neuropathy isn’t just painful; it’s often debilitating. In many cases, neuropathic pain is so extreme that it is difficult for a person to properly use, move, and exercise certain parts of the body, such as joints and limbs. Additionally, numbness in the feet can make walking tricky and causing ongoing balance issues.

Physical therapy for neuropathy undoes this loss of mobility by increasing flexibility and stability. A physical therapist can recommend posture changes capable of counteracting the reduced sensation in a patient’s legs and feet and providing supportive footwear or other assistive tools. Neuropathic physical therapy exercises and pain-relieving modalities such as Microvas, Anodyne therapy, and Class IV Laser treatments are specifically designed to help patients work around their symptoms to enjoy a full range of motion and a higher quality of life.

Weight Management

As noted, when dealing with conditions of neuropathy, increased pain often causes decreased mobility. That, in turn, can cause other wellness issues, including unhealthy weight gain, diminished cardiovascular conditioning, and elevated blood sugar. This can be especially harmful to patients whose neuropathy is a consequence of diabetes, resulting in a hard-to-break cycle of exacerbating issues.

Physical therapy for diabetes and neuropathy provides multiple ways to manage weight, improve cardio, and lower blood sugar. Simple lifestyle changes and physical exercises that maximize fitness while minimizing discomfort make living with neuropathic pain much more manageable. Just because a patient suffers from nerve damage doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy good health.

Neuropathic Pain Physical Therapy is Available in NEPA

Don’t let neuropathic pain control your life. Cawley PT is proud to offer neuropathic physical therapy in NEPA. Our expert team of physical therapists is here to give you the kind of individualized, one-on-one treatment necessary for truly exceptional results.

We know that no two patients are the same, which is why, at Cawley PT, no two treatment plans are the same. We tailor every aspect of your care to your own specific needs. Let us put you on the path to better health and wellness. Contact Cawley PT today!