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There’s really no telling what kinds of physical problems can befall people at any point in their lives. Issues ranging from muscle tightness to nerve pain can affect infants all the way up to senior citizens.

If you’ve suffered from these kinds of issues for years and finally go to consult your doctor about them, you will likely be told to look into physical therapy. Whether it’s auto injury rehab or another type of program, there’s a therapy plan out there for you.

At Cawley Physical Therapy, we often find that patients who have never had physical therapy before having some assumptions about it, such as that it causes more pain than it heals.

But if you need physical therapy in Forest City, PA, we want you to know that what we do can actually correct many physical problems!

Senior man stretching outdoors - relieving symptoms of low back pain.
Close-up of an anatomical model of spinal vertebrae
Woman touching her painful jaw - showing symptoms of TMD.

1. Physical Therapy Heals Pain

It’s easy to assume that physical therapy is more of a painful process than a healing one. Maybe you’ve heard stories of someone who needed sports injury therapy and had a painful time of it to start. If you’re in physical therapy to heal an injury, you can expect some pain as you exercise inflamed or weak muscles. But as you go, physical therapy strengthens you, so the pain decreases, and you return to a more normal lifestyle.

2. Physical Therapy Isn’t Just for Injuries

In our physical therapy programs, you will often find patients who have been in accidents of some kind. Maybe they were in a car crash or took a bad fall in a sports contest. But physical therapy isn’t meant only for accident victims. It’s for anyone having a problem! Whether you’re experiencing chronic nerve pain or balance issues, physical therapy can help you, too!

3. Physical Therapy Can Prevent Long-Term Troubles

A final benefit of physical therapy that we want to mention is that it can benefit you long into the future. If you are experiencing pain from inflammation and go to physical therapy, the exercises you complete in our programs could prevent the problem from worsening and causing an even bigger problem later. Attending physical therapy sessions can help you prevent the need for surgery or long-term prescription medications. Many patients find physical therapy preferable to those other options, and we would have to agree.

Trust Cawley for Your Physical Therapy in Forest City, PA

Cawley Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation has been helping patients to recover their health and mobility since 2003. When you come to us for a consultation, we’ll design a physical therapy plan around your specific condition so our therapists can target what’s bothering you the most.

If you need physical therapy in Forest City, PA, we want to be there for you. Solutions to your pain are possible, and we want the chance to prove it to you.

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