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Anyone who at some point finds themselves needing physical therapy services is in luck if there is a reliable physical therapy center in their own area. Cawley’s physicians can help to ease your pain no matter your ailment. Whether you are suffering from an aching back, an injured shoulder, or simply would like to recover some mobility in your daily routine, you have come to the right place.

Our physical therapists will get you back on your feet in no time. By familiarizing ourselves with your situation, we devise therapy sessions for each of our patients to set them down the path of recovery as quickly as possible but without rushing. By showing compassion and empathy to all who enter our doors, our therapists aid their patients in overcoming the struggles of living with pain, discomfort, and limited physical mobility.

Senior man with a physical therapist. He is looking for a Baker’s Cyst due to knee pain
Senior man getting natural relief for sciatic pain with a physical therapist
Physical Therapist Motivating Male Patient To Walk Between Cones for Balance
Physical therapist adjusting neck muscles of patient with headaches

Services Offered

At Cawley, we recognize the fact that challenges accompany any physical disorder. Your injuries and pain might cause you to feel frustrated or angry. But know that physical therapy is essential for returning to a normal life and getting the chance to do the things you love again. From driving a car to engaging in your favorite hobby, you want to be able to recover from a dislocated shoulder, a recent surgery, or a sports injury. We make sure we meet our patients’ needs by providing all who walk through our doors with personal treatment, as we acknowledge that no two conditions are alike.

Top Physical Therapists

Thinking about booking an appointment at Cawley Physical Therapy? Our physicians are ready to assist anyone in Wayne County who requires immediate and accessible services. Patients typically do not need referrals when working with us, as we are in-network with most major insurance providers.

At Cawley, we always have our patients’ backs. They are our focus, our reason for doing what we do every single day. Our patients trust us because of our track record of restoring people to their best possible selves, which lets them return to the things they love in their daily lives.

When you need a reliable physical therapist in Wayne County, contact Cawley Physical Therapy at (570) 280-2414. We will be happy to accommodate anyone in the Honesdale area with our numerous nearby locations!

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