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Dealing with an injury or chronic pain? You’re not alone. Many Wayne County residents suffer from conditions that disrupt their everyday lives.
Fortunately, Cawley Physical Therapy provides the rehabilitation services you need. We’ve been the go-to choice for Wayne County physical therapy for years and continue to proudly serve residents like you. With our expert care, you no longer have to suffer in silence.
For unmatched professionalism and personalized treatments, contact our office today! The Cawley Physical Therapy team is ready to help you feel like your best self.

Pain can come from all sorts of injuries and chronic conditions. As professional physical therapists, we specialize in sports injuries, preventative therapy, and everything in between.

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Group of adult women in a fitness gym performing aerobic exercises to help relieve signs and symptoms of concussion.
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Female therapist assisting a mature woman in exercising - providing physical therapy for pain and injuries.

Services Offered

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Our doctors of physical therapy in NEPA are ready to get you up and moving like you used to. With seven convenient locations, your road to recovery starts today!

Address Injuries Early

A pain-free life is something many of us take for granted. It isn’t until we suffer an injury or develop a chronic condition that we realize how good we had it. When your ailments cause discomfort and disrupt your normal routine, you’d do anything to feel like your old self again.
That’s why it’s important to seek out Wayne County physical therapy as soon as possible. By addressing the problem early, you can make your recovery go that much smoother.
Take the first step by contacting Cawley Physical Therapy today. Our team of expert physical therapists is ready to help you on your road to rehabilitation. We make it easy to get started as we don’t require a referral (no need to visit your primary doctor beforehand). Plus, we accept most major insurance companies so that you can get the affordable care you deserve.

Our Process

At your first appointment, we’ll do a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best course of action. We understand that every case is different, and develop your individualized treatment plan accordingly. Your plan may include everything from in-office stretches to at-home posture exercises to speed along your recovery. Depending on your condition, the ultimate goal is to regain personal comfort and build strength, increase mobility, and improve blood flow.

Our doctors of PT are persistent and fully dedicated to your recovery. We genuinely care about all of our patients and offer the attentive, compassionate therapy you deserve. Throughout your treatment plan, we will keep careful track of your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

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If you’re ready to take charge of your well-being, contact Cawley Physical Therapy today! At our office, your recovery is just as important to us as it is to you. Our doctors are ready to work with Wayne County residents no matter where they live. Through our professionalism, attentiveness, and personalized treatment plans, you get the support you need to make a full recovery.
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