If you’re experiencing elbow pain, there’s a good chance you could be suffering from lateral tendinosis. 

Don’t worry — the pain you’re experiencing usually isn’t permanent. Even better is that a qualified professional can treat it and prevent it from happening again.

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Read our guide to find out more about lateral tendinosis, its causes, and how you can treat it through physical therapy.

What Is Lateral Tendinosis?

Lateral tendinosis (or lateral epicondylitis) is a painful condition that often stems from frequent overuse or repetition of arm and wrist motions. 

Some people refer to the condition as tennis elbow, as the pain often occurs due to the arm motions during extended tennis play. 

While tennis players often develop elbow pain, the condition is by no means exclusive to them. Lateral tendinosis can occur regularly in a range of professions, including painting, plumbing, and carpentry.

The condition develops when tendons attached to the elbow tear, causing pain inside your arm. The symptoms can include difficulty grabbing objects by hand or performing tasks such as turning a knob to open a door. It’s not life-threatening, but it can certainly make your life more uncomfortable or difficult. 

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How Can I Treat My Elbow Pain?

If you identify any elbow pain, you should seek out treatment as soon as possible. 

Delaying treatment can lead to arm weakness and decreased grip strength, making it much harder to complete day-to-day tasks in the longer term.

Patients who suffer minor cases of lateral tendinosis may find relief from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

However, in professions such as butchery, which involve regular and high-intensity arm movement, treating the condition using medication may not be appropriate. As a result, you will need a longer-term solution.

Often, the best way to treat elbow pain is by working through a physical therapy program. In this program, a trained physical therapist can use massages and stretching techniques to ease the pain in the affected areas. 

How Can I Prevent Lateral Tendinosis from Recurring?

As you go through treatment, you’ll want to prevent the pain from getting worse. Our experts tend to focus on measures such as improving muscle resilience and preventative physical therapy. During these sessions, you’ll focus on improving posture and learning when to use the right muscle.

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A trained physical therapist in NEPA can offer an individualized program of exercises designed to strengthen the muscles adjacent to the area causing pain. They can also recommend the best posture to hold while exercising to avoid applying undue stress to the affected muscle.

Once therapy has commenced, the condition can subside within a matter of weeks. Begin your journey back to recovery today by making an appointment with Cawley Physical Therapy, and we’ll advise you on what physical therapy is right for you.