Walking and running have recently seen a huge increase in interest since the start of the pandemic. The coronavirus has interrupted most people’s personal fitness plans. While gyms have been open for a while now, they’re a risk that many people aren’t comfortable taking. Still, you want to stay healthy and not risk physical deconditioning by going months without being active. Fortunately, you can safely pursue fitness and remain active in the great outdoors, not far from home. As long as you stay away from people outside your household, you can breathe fresh air, enjoy the greenery, and get your blood pumping within a few blocks of your front door.

Going walking is still one of the safest forms of personal exercise because running usually involves keeping a long, comfortable distance from others. Many people walk or run in the morning when the streets are clearer or choose long outdoor routes with paths that wind far from nearby roads and homes. Even when the weather is a little chilly, there will still be sunny days where you can throw on some extra layers and get outside. 

You may not take much with you during these walks, just your keys, phone, water bottle, and a few wallet essentials. But these days, it is safer to bring a few pieces of essential COVID-safety gear as well. Don’t worry; this is an easy upgrade to your walking or running routine. All you need is a well-packed runner’s belt.

Runner’s Belt for COVID-Safe Fitness

Wearing a runner’s belt is an excellent idea for anyone who is tackling their at-home personal fitness with regular walks or runs around the neighborhood. Maybe you were a runner before, or maybe you enjoy long walks recreationally. Perhaps the pandemic has awoken a desire for fresh air on your face and to get your blood pumping. When you leave the house, you’re taking a gamble that you won’t run into another person, a contaminated surface, or an opportunity to buy something.

The deeper you live in the city, the denser your neighborhood, the more critical it is to pack PPE, personal protection equipment. A mask, gloves, and some sanitizer are the basics, and you don’t have to wear them while you run if no one is around. Put together a small collection of PPE to keep you safe from infection. Just in case there’s an emergency or a crowd you must move through, it’s smart to be prepared with small, compact PPE that can fit into your runner’s belt.

With a well-packed runner’s belt, you can pack your PPE, your essential cards, and your house keys can all be conveniently and invisibly balanced around your waist.

Cloth Mask

You probably don’t want a mask on your face while puffing through your run, and you don’t need it with no other people nearby. But if you need to approach people, it’s handy to have a mask in your belt to protect yourself and others quickly.

Pair of Disposable Gloves

If you’re not running with the dog, you don’t need to worry about gloves for functional purposes. But just in case you enter a shop, touch people, or catch public transportation home, it’s a good idea to have at least one pair of disposable gloves on you for safety.

Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

Bottles of hand sanitizer can be tiny these days. You can get a nearly microscopic personal-use hand sanitizer and tuck it into the runner’s belt quite easily. This allows you to clean up after accidentally touching a railing or doorknob during your run. 

Runner’s Personal Essentials

In addition to the COVID PPE in your runner’s belt, it’s also handy to have a few personal essentials. These are the things every adult needs when away from home, packed neatly into your belt.

Water Bottle Loop

A good runner’s belt includes a way to hang a water bottle (or two) conveniently. Any time you leave the house with the intention to sweat, take water with you.

Driver’s License

Be sure to have one form of valid photo ID tucked into the belt. Your driver’s license is a good idea. For those without a driver’s license, use a photo library card or other identification. Fortunately, runner’s belts are always big enough to hold quite a few cards tucked in longways.

Payment Card

Include one payment card for emergency expenses. If you get hurt or just get hungry while away from home, it helps to have a little cash on hand. Cash in the pocket is your least safe running money option, while a card hidden in your runner’s belt is the safest.

House and Car Keys

Last but not least, don’t forget to pack your essential keys. If you drive and then run, bring your car key. If you take off from your home, be sure to bring the house key to let yourself back in.

Stay Active and Healthy

There are still great ways to stay active at home. Walking is a great way to stay fit (and sane) during the pandemic. Wearing a runner’s belt is one of the best ways to get back outdoors and safely stay healthy during the pandemic. You can carry your PPE and your essentials quite comfortably around your waist. Get out of the house, enjoy the beauty of your neighborhood or local wildlife, and take care. 

If you need extra help keeping your body healthy during the pandemic, seeing a physical therapist in NEPA can help.