10 Tips to Stay Healthy at Home

With today’s technology, many people no longer have a reason to go into the office to do their work. Instead, people all over the world are choosing to work right from the comfort of their own homes. There are plenty of great reasons to work from home, like saving time on your daily commute and being able to work in a comfortable setting. More companies are beginning to offer remote positions, which can also create jobs that would otherwise be out of the question due to distance being an option for many people.

Working from home seems to solve the problems many of us face in our work lives. However, it isn’t always as great as it seems. If you aren’t careful, your health can start to go downhill while working. By keeping your health in mind while working from home, you can get all the benefits of working remotely with none of the negatives.

Here are 10 tips to help you stay healthy when you’re working from home.

Buy a Good Chair

When you’re working from home, you have the opportunity to buy whatever type of furniture you like, not what an office provides for you. If you’ve ever dealt with having an uncomfortable desk chair before, now is the time to get one you actually like. But buying yourself a desk chair isn’t just about buying a comfy new chair; you need to find one that is good for your back. You want a desk chair that will help you keep good posture during the workday and won’t cause you to strain yourself to work on the computer. 

Set Up a Work Space

Having a home office is great, but we aren’t all so lucky to have a room at home dedicated to just work. If you’re trying to work from home, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it can be to concentrate. You’re in the space that you live your life in, so it can be hard to feel like you’re in work mode. Even if you don’t have a whole room to spare, set up your own little work area somewhere in your house that tells you it’s time to work. This can include putting a small desk in the corner of your living room or setting up a space each day at your kitchen table and then putting it away when you’re done. Having a dedicated work area to work from home can make a big difference in your mental health.

Make a Schedule

Working from home means you aren’t expected to be in the office working for a specific amount of time. It also means you’ve got plenty of distractions around you all day long. Because of this, it can be difficult to stay on track when you’re by yourself. When you’re working from home, it’s important to make a schedule for yourself. This way, you have dedicated time to work but you can still make sure you’re taking the breaks you need. Breaks away from the computer to stand up and walk around are important for your wellbeing, and it also gives your eyes a break from your computer screen. 

Meal Prep

If you’re used to working in an office, you’ve probably meal-prepped over the weekend to have your lunch ready for the whole week. At home, you have your kitchen and all your food right there for you to make your lunch, so you might not bother with making it ahead of time. While making your food at lunchtime might seem like the best option, it might not work out for you. When lunchtime comes around, there are probably going to be many days when you don’t feel like making a healthy meal and might settle for something quick, but bad for you, instead. Making healthy lunches in advance ensures that you’ll have them throughout the week.

Stay Hydrated

No matter what we’re doing, it can be difficult to remember to drink water. You might only wait until you’re actually thirsty to take a drink of water, but that might not be enough to get you as much as you need. At home, you might also be tempted to drink coffee or soda all day if you have it in the house. When you’re working from home, it’s important that you still remember to drink water throughout the day. You can do this by buying a large water bottle that holds as much as you need a day or by setting reminders for yourself.

Watch Out for Snacks

Anyone who’s worked in an office now knows how tempting it can be to sit at your desk and snack all day. This only gets worse when you’re at home surrounded by all of your favorite foods. If you’re not careful, you could end up spending your whole day eating. Keeping away from your favorite snacks while you’re at home can be difficult and requires some self-discipline. Eating a healthy breakfast and lunch can keep you feeling full all day so you stay away from the snack cabinet. 

Workout During the Day

You might want to spend your workday on the couch without moving much. This can be an easy habit to get into, but you want to avoid it. Working from home is the perfect way to get some small workouts in here and there. If you’re starting to feel burnout, all you might need to fix it is a quick stretch. Even 10 minutes of yoga or using your lunch break to walk around the block can make a huge difference in how you feel both mentally and physically. 

Get Ready for Each Day

Once you start working from home, you might be excited about being able to spend each day in your pajamas. This might seem like the ideal way to work, but many find that it gets old fast. By staying in your pajamas, it can be hard to feel like your day actually started. You can quickly lose the motivation to work and be active if you don’t look the part. Getting dressed each day is some of the top advice for people working from home. While you don’t have to wear a tie or put on a full face of makeup to be alone in your dining room, the day can be much easier by putting on your regular clothes. 

Make a Support System

At first, you might be excited about all the alone time you get when working from home. While this is great for many people and might also help you work better, it’s important to remember not to isolate yourself from others too much. Working from home is especially difficult if you also live alone. Find a group – whether it be friends, families, coworkers, or even an online community – to stay in communication with while you work from home. This can help you gain the support you need to stay accountable and healthy.  

Keep Work and Life Separate

Blurring work and your personal life can be a huge problem when working from home. Not being able to separate your work life from your personal life can be terrible for your well-being. You might also end up never feeling like you’ve logged off for the day. Everything you need to work is right there with you all the time, and it can sometimes be tempting to take away from your personal life to do a little work. When working from home, you should always remember to give yourself time to get away, relax, and focus on your health. 

Change Your Habits for Better Health

Remote work has many benefits for employees and businesses alike, but no one excels when their physical or mental health is being neglected. At Cawley Physical Therapy, we understand the challenges and want to help you feel your best. If you are experiencing pain or immobility, schedule your appointment for physical therapy care as our facilities reopen. Until then, commit to the tips above as you continue to work from home.