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If you have experienced pain or an injury, your body tends to overcompensate, straining additional areas. Do not wait until a minor issue turns into a major one and contact the experts at Cawley Physical Therapy today! We offer physical therapy near Wyoming, PA, for workplace injuries, post-operative care, and many other issues.

Since 2003, we have been treating injuries and pain for patients all across the community. No matter what type of pain you’re suffering from, our physical therapists can help. We understand that every patient’s needs are unique. Our team offers individualized care to ensure the best treatment is provided to everyone who comes through our doors.

Physical therapist writing in chart during senior patient's physical therapy session
Closeup side view of a senior man having physical therapy for his sciatica with an expert doctor
Senior man in a group fitness class - working out properly to avoid muscle strains.

Wyoming, PA, Physical Therapy Services 

With our expert physical therapy professionals in offices throughout NEPA, we can treat various physical conditions and concerns no matter where you live. Whether you’re suffering from lower back pain, shoulder pain, sports injuries, or a balance disorder, we can help. 

You can find all services offered at our physical therapy locations below.

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Expert Physical Therapy Near Wyoming, PA

Finding a physical therapist in Wyoming, PA, that fits your needs can be tough. Cawley Physical Therapy has been treating minor to severe conditions among all age groups for over a decade. We understand how important it is to cater each patient’s treatment to their individual needs to promote optimal recovery and relief. Whether you are suffering from a sports injury or need preventative care, our team will treat all of your concerns.

Our goal is to be as accessible as possible to those needing our services. Cawley Physical Therapy is in-network with most area insurance companies. We also do not require a referral for most cases. Let our team evaluate your pain so you can feel like yourself again.

Minor pain or injuries can become major problems if left untreated. Most people will wait until their pain becomes unbearable before visiting a doctor. However, this can result in additional strain and damage to your body. Even if you don’t think your pain is worth scheduling a visit, give us a call. An early evaluation can mean the difference between short-term pain and extended suffering.

Contact Cawley Physical Therapy today at (570) 714-0933 to schedule a consultation at our physical therapy office in Wyoming, PA. We will determine the right treatment plan for your needs so you can start feeling better.

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