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No matter your age, the road to recovery after surgery or injury is never an easy battle. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be made easier. Not having to face your pain alone, there are nearby physical therapy locations in Luzerne County to alleviate your suffering. Thankfully, this is where Cawley Physical Therapy steps in to help.
With Cawley Physical Therapy, you will receive the quality care you need to get you back on your feet. Covering everything from a sore back to a bruised shoulder, you can place your trust in our specialists. By providing each patient with individualized and comprehensive treatment, you will feel satisfied knowing that your needs are being understood and addressed. Even better, nothing makes us happier than seeing our patients recover and get back to living their lives to their fullest potential. Curious about our services? Read on to discover all we have to offer!
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We recognize the tensions and frustrations that can arise when living with reduced physical mobilities. All you want to do is to get back to living a normal life, and no longer having to make sacrifices to enjoy doing what you love. Through a winning combination of personalized treatment and compassionate specialists, we understand that no two injuries are the same. You can be assured that we put a tremendous amount of effort into caring for our patients.

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Whatever your discomfort, don’t fret about getting a referral to see us, as we are connected to major healthcare insurance providers. Our team will provide immediate and accessible treatment to all residents of Luzerne County. As a family-owned and operated business, we would be thrilled to accommodate any of our patients’ needs whether its recovery from a dislocated shoulder, sports injury, or recent surgery.

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