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When it comes to your health, you never want to have any doubts. You want to feel confident that you are in safe and capable hands, as you shouldn’t have to make sacrifices to receive the best care. If you need physical therapy, you require specialists who will pay close attention to your needs. If you find yourself recovering from an injury and needing therapy, no longer should you wait to receive the treatment you deserve. Thankfully, Cawley Physical Therapy is here to help.
At Cawley, we strive to leave our patients satisfied. Once and for all, we will alleviate your pain through unique treatment plans, as we recognize that everyone is different and that no two injuries are the same. With our services, patients don’t need a referral to book an appointment because we are connected to leading health insurance providers. By the end of your therapy, you can rest assured that you will be feeling better than when you first came to us. Your physical therapy in Shickshinny, PA will be everything you need it to be. It’s our guarantee to you.
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At (570) 258-2365 and let us help you on your recovery journey. Don’t wait before it’s too late or it can have serious consequences. Let the experts at Cawley take care of you!

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Our knowledgeable and insightful specialists understand how critical it is for our patients to return to living happy and fulfilling lives. We provide cognizant and individualized treatment to anyone who walks through our doors. You will be able to get back to engaging in activities as simple as driving and spending time with your family. No longer will thoughts of pain from a physical disability cloud your mind or weigh down your body.

Attentive Physical Therapy in Luzerne County

Looking to book an appointment for physical therapy in Shickshinny, PA? Feel free to contact our offices in nearby Drums or Dorrance for an appointment. Treatment from our specialists will allow you to go about your life with ease.

Our patients love that we can get them back to full health. Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Cawley Physical Therapy today to learn more about our rehabilitation services! It’s time for us to pave the way toward your recovery.

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