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Since 2003, Cawley Physical Therapy has been treating injuries and pain for patients all across Luzerne County. We treat a variety of conditions, and we’ve seen it all. See us for everything from post-operative care, to workplace injuries, and a variety of other issues.

We have 3 offices throughout Luzerne County!

• Kingston
• Nanticoke
• Pittston

We’ve got three offices in Luzerne County–in KingstonPittston, and Nanticoke. Visit your nearest Cawley PT office for help with any of the following conditions:

Don’t wait until your minor issue becomes a major one. When your body deals with pain or an injury, you overcompensate, putting strain on other areas that ordinarily would not have been strained.

Let the team at Cawley evaluate your pain. We will create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs at one of our 3 Luzerne County Physical Therapy locations. Whatever condition you’re dealing with, our dedicated team of physical therapists will help you get back to feeling like yourself.

Call a Luzerne County office of Cawley PT for a consultation. We’ll help you feel better!

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