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At Cawley Physical Therapy, we’re proud to be able to treat residents of Lackawanna County. We have locations in Carbondale and Scranton where we can treat a variety of issues.
Whatever pain you’re dealing with, we have an experienced team of physical therapists who can help.
Every patient is unique, so we provide individualized treatment to ensure that all of our patients receive the best care. When you work with Cawley Physical Therapy, you can feel sure that you’re working with a team who cares about your health and wellbeing

Injuries and chronic pain can make the simplest everyday tasks impossible to do. Not only do you have to give up your independence due to pain, but you also miss out on all the activities you enjoy. Whether you’re missing out on family time or taking time off from work, we know how difficult dealing with pain can be. At Cawley PT, we understand how important it is to be able to live life comfortably and happily. Our goal is to help you get back to doing what you love.

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Cawley Physical Therapy in Scranton
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Our doctors of physical therapy in NEPA are ready to get you up and moving like you used to. With seven convenient locations, your road to recovery starts today!

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Finding the right physical therapist

Can be a challenge. Cawley Physical Therapy has been treating pain and injuries, ranging from minor and severe, among all age groups since 2003. We accept most major insurance companies and we can even treat patients without a referral. Don’t put off treatment or settle for care that only treats the symptoms, not the cause.
If you’re experiencing any pain, no matter how minor, don’t ignore it. Contact one of our offices in Lackawanna County today to get back on track.

We’ve got three offices in Luzerne County in Scranton and Carbondale!

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