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At some point, many people will suffer from some type of chronic pain. Living with pain is difficult, but it’s often unavoidable. Pain can come when you least expect it. Some might begin to experience pain and might not be aware of what’s causing it. This can also happen when someone is involved in an accident or while they’re recovering from an amputation. Finding the right physical therapist to help you through this time can be difficult.
Fortunately, residents in Exeter can find exactly what they’re looking for from the physical therapists at Cawley Physical Therapy. Whatever pain you might be experiencing, you can feel confident knowing that our physical therapists have the knowledge and resources to help.
Each day, we treat patients who experience a wide variety of pain and injuries.
Male therapist assisting a senior man during a physical therapy program.
Senior man exercising outdoors - maintaining a healthy lifestyle for post-concussion recovery.
Senior man in a group fitness class - working out properly to avoid muscle strains.

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Chronic pain can take away

From everything you once enjoyed. This might make it impossible for you to participate in your favorite activities. If you’re suffering from more severe pain, it might keep you from doing basic everyday tasks. Pain might even be keeping you from working. This isn’t how anyone should go through life. Whether your pain is minor or severe, you can get help from one of our expert physical therapists.
Many physical therapy practices make it difficult to get the help you need. With Cawley Physical Therapy, you’ll quickly be able to see what makes us different. We help make recovering from whatever might be causing you pain simple. At Cawley Physical Therapy, we accept most of the major insurance carriers in the area.

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