Neck Pain

Safe gardening tips-Senior woman taking care of her outdoor plants.
Back Pain

Gardening Made Easier

Gardening can be both a relaxing hobby, and highly rewarding. Even still, the physical demands simply cannot be ignored. Gardeners will commonly experience pain and discomfort

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softball player
Elbow Pain

5 Common Softball Injuries

Now that softball season is in full swing, many players and professional athletes are at risk for developing overuse injuries.  Most of these injuries are

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A man sleeping in bed at night finding relief from back pain with the right pillow
Muscle Injuries

Neck Pain From Pillow

One of the essential keys to overall health is receiving a consistent level of good sleep every night. When a person is fully rested they

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Young physical therapist checks senior with neck pain and arm tingling for cervical fusion
Neck Pain

What is Cervical Fusion?

When people experience neck pain, especially when it becomes persistent, they often assume they will need surgery in order to resolve their issues. In reality,

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