Trusting in Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Many patients are concerned these days about the number of medications they can end up on due to an injury, an illness, or age-related issues. Yet they are reluctant to start or keep up with physical therapy. Many maintain that physical therapy will hurt or they will be forced to do exercises that make them uncomfortable. They fear the unknown with visions of a brute or a bully twisting and turning them in positions they’ve never known before.



Physical therapy is a good choice for healing, particularly for those worried that they will become addicted to pain medications or experience some of the many side effects. And truth be known, some pain clinics average 25 medications per patient, including supplements. Those are scary figures if you consider that one doctor in a multiple doctor clinic sees an average of 40 patients per day. That leaves little time for real conversation. But unfortunately, many of those patients are ignoring the suggestions of the doctor to get physical therapy.

The most important thing we can do for ourselves is to be proactive to start the healing process after an injury, surgery, or even an extended period of a sedentary lifestyle. Physical Therapy and rehabilitation are important tools to put us on the road to recovery. Not only do we heal faster, but we also heal better and stronger.



Research shows better long-term results for patient-proactive treatment with physical therapy vs medication-only treatment. According to a study by Deyle, et al (2005), even home physical therapy cannot compare to the benefits of clinical physical therapy, most likely due, in part they say, because of supervised exercise and feedback.

Patients who want to avoid the need for prolonging medication usage, injections, or the need for surgery should think PT first. Cawley has the latest cutting-edge technology that is minimally invasive. In addition to pain management treatments and techniques, the professional team at Cawley utilizes instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization for treatment with issues such as tissue scarring and muscle fascia restrictions. Some of these issues include ligament sprains, tendonitis, and muscle strains or tightness.




Physical therapy can be utilized to treat such symptoms as arthritis, back and neck pain; myofascial pain; sciatica, and joint dysfunction. Specialists are trained in understanding the patient’s needs and work together to offer the best treatment for a quick recovery or for daily healthcare management. With the dynamics that come with healing, it’s important to have a team of professionals that take the time to listen and work with you and your unique needs.

The Specialists at Cawley offer a wide variety of services in addition to physical therapy, pain management, and rehabilitation. Cawley professionals have knowledge and experience in treating auto and work injuries, balance disorder, jaw/headache pain, diabetes/neuropathy, and gerontology. This family-owned and operated clinic wants to serve the whole person, not just the patient. Cawley PT is Direct Access certified and can treat an orthopedic injury without a doctor’s referral or prescription. This means better, more effective, and faster treatment for the one in need.

In addition to scheduled appointments, workshops are available for back pain and sciatica issues. These workshops teach patients the reasons for the pain they are having and the best treatment options.

It is increasingly important to choose a physician who will partner with you in your health care needs and help guide you to make the best choices for you. With a specialty clinic like Cawley, you have the advantage of a team of brilliant minds that have your best health in mind.

With Cawley Physical Therapy and Rehab, you will get a plethora of experience from qualified professionals. If you want natural relief without the dangerous side effects of medications injections or surgery, think PT first and call today. One of our Licensed Doctors of PT is ready to answer all of your questions and get to the root cause of your problem so you can get back to normal!

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